CCEC [250 – 1650 kVA]


As production and manufacturing becoming more dependent on reliable supply of electricity, we see a growing demand of larger and cost-efficient power generation units. At Caraka we supply the best-in-class Cummins engines that meets emission requirements, or heavy duty Loads in manufacturing facilities. Cummins off-road application Engines offers great value in terms of consistent rated power delivery, reliability, lifetime cost, and upfront investment. Based on Marine and Construction engine family, CCEC’s ISO9001 Certified model range focuses on heavy-duty performance, whilst offering great investment value due to its long service life and resale value, along with its integration with Cummins Global Warranty. We also offer lower cost engine models suitable for Standby usage to reduce the upfront cost to our customers.

Heavy Duty Performance

Heavy Duty

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance



Cummins Engines tested & manufactured in production facility in Chongqing, China meets the ISO 9001/TS1949 quality system certification, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 1800 occupational HSE certification. Cummins G-Drive are designed to be rugged, and maximize power output for constant speed applications.

Each engines are supplied with High-quality cast iron alloy for the rigidity, lower vibration and noise performance. 4-valve design per cylinder optimizes the mixing levels to lead to excellent fuel consumption and emission performance. Robust and fully balanced crankshaft design for steady rotation and higher strength, steel piston crown with oil gallery and aluminum skirts for better durability and low oil consumption. Cummins’ unique PT with fixture and Step Timing control for precise fuel injection, or Advanced Modular Common Rail (MCR) fuel system to generate even cleaner, quieter, and efficient Power. Electronic Speed control or Electronic Control Module for peak engine performance at all altitudes and under every load conditions. Highly efficient advanced Holset turbochargers, pulse exhaust manifold to reduce exhaust temperature for better fuel consumption and emissions. Two-stage Cummins oil filters combine full-flow and bypass filtration to effectively remove harmful sludge and up to three times as many contaminants to reduce engine wear.

Engine Type Engine Type
1500rpm 1800rpm
Standby Power Prime Power Standby Power Prime Power
kWm kWm kWm kWm
NTA855-GA 254 231 257
NTA855-G1 265 231 317 287
NTA855-G1A 291 264
NTA855-G1B 321 284 347 313
NTA855-G2 321 284 347 313
NTA855-G2A 343 312
NTA855-G3 399 358
NTA855-G4 351 317
NTAA855-G7 377 343
NTAA855-G7A 407
KTA19-G2 365 336 448 392
KTA19-G3 448 403 511 463
KTA19-G4 504 448 563 507
KTAA19-G5 555 470 605 533
KTAA19-G6 570 520
KTAA19-G6A 610 664
KTAA19-G7 610 664
KTA19-G8 575
KT38-G 615 560 747 679
KT38-GA 711
KTA38-G2 731 664 895 809
KTA38-G2B 789 711
KTA38-G2A 895 813 1007 915
KTA38-G4 1112 1007
KTA38-G5 970 880
KTA38-G9 1089 1220
KTA50-G3 1227 1097 1380 1220
KTA50-G8 1429 1200
KTA50-GS8 1429 1287
KTA50-G9 1657 1384


G Drive QSK19 & QSK38

Engine Type Engine Type
1500rpm 1800rpm
Standby Power Prime Power Standby Power Prime Power
kWm kWm kWm kWm
QSK19-G1 NR2 563 489 582 507
QSK19-G2 NR2 605 533 634 556
QSK19-G3 NR2 634 608 669 608
QSK19-G4 634 574 634 559
QSK19-G5 669 608
QSK38-G1 969 875
QSK38-G2 1096 989
QSK38-G3 1224 1107
QSK38-G4 1376 1230
QSK38-G5 1224 1107 1279 1063


  1. Gross engine performance is in accordance with ISO3046 (BS5514 & DIN 6271 standards are based on ISO 3046) or GB/T 18297.
  2. The quoted typical output ratings are not guaranteed Standby kWm (net) and kWe(kVA) figures do not include 1% reduction for governing.
    Refer AEB 10.47 for Cummins preferred method of power output calculation.
  3. Quoted gross standby ratings relate to nominal power output capability of the engine. These are certified +/- 5%.
  4. For definition of power output refer to Cummins power rating application guidelines (AEB 26.02) which are based on ISO8528.
  5. kVA figures are calculated using a 0.8 power factor.

About CCEC
Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (CCEC)
,is the first heavy duty and high horse-power diesel engine manufacturing base invested by Cummins Inc. USA. It is the first joint venture plant in internal combustion industry of China and also the biggest heavy duty and high horse-power engine (maximum displacement from 11L to 50L) producer.