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“Makes people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins” 

Our Company was formed in early 2013 and looking to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. We are actively recruiting highly motivated individuals looking for challenges and to build their careers in all aspects of the company including Sales, Engineering, Technical Services, and Administrative Support.

We are part of a global network of Distributorship for Cummins Inc. products and maintain direct communications with the company. Cummins provides training for its staff and distribution networks, and strives to deliver Quality products to its Customers in the Power business for the last 95 Years. There are many opportunities for us to grow in the emerging Power market in Indonesia, which is why this Distributorship company was formed.

Cummins has the know-how and the market presence to innovate the Power industry. Part of the company’s vision is to introduce the company’s recently developed technologies such as the low-emission Diesel Engines to highly-efficient next-Generation Gas Engines in our emerging economy.

Enquire and join us to be part of the family that makes a positive difference in the Power Business and people’s lives today.

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Grow, Learn, Achieve & Excellence