Engine Technical Datasheet

In-Line, 6 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, turbocharged and Air-Air Aftercooled Engine

Compression Ration 16.6:1
Displacement 8.9L
Rated Speed 1500r/min
Rated Power 220kW
Standby Power 240kW
Genset Matching Power 200kW
Fuel Injection Pump P7100 Injection Pump
Steady Speed Droop <= 3%
Lubricant Capacity 27.6L
Coolant Capacity 34L
Net Weight Approx. 752Kg
Wet Weight Approx. 834Kg
Overall Dimension(L x W x H) Approx. 1810x945x1410mm
Coolant Intake Size 50mm
Coolant Outlet Size 57mm
Cooling Way Positive Water Cooling Cycle

Standard Conditions:

Data shown above are based on :

  • Engine operating with fuel system, water pump, lubricating oil pump, air cleaner & exhaust silencer, not included are battery charging alternator, fan and optional driven component
  • Engine operating with diesel fuel corresponding to grade No.2DperASTM D975
  • ISO-3046, Part 1, Standard Reference Conditions of:29.53 in.Hg. [100 kPa] barometric pressure (361ft.[110m] altitude), 25 degree Celsius air temperature and a relative humidity of 30%